he Food Network recommended this season for at-home grilling.

Our own @bigdaddykarne recommends his favorite @bbcharcoal as his go-to charcoal, as mentioned in this list - thanks for including our expert pit master, @foodnetwork! ⁠⁠

Fan: Alec Varnell, pitmaster at J Bar M BBQ in Houston, Texas⁠⁠“This lump charcoal adds a subtle smoke flavor that isn’t too overpowering, allowing the natural flavor of the protein to shine. I use it both at home, and we use it at J Bar M as well.

The efficiency of the charcoal allows it to burn for longer periods of time while conserving how much you use, which makes it a better bang for your buck. Less work with fire management and less expensive. It’s very high quality and environmentally friendly, plus it’s a Texas-based brand, and we love to support local businesses.”